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Cyprian is married with 4 beautiful daughters. After retiring from his 9 year career in professional soccer he has decided to trade in his many hours of personal training for training the next generation!

Before his professional career he played high school soccer, jr. college, and then received a full ride D1 soccer scholarship. He's a living example of why you should "Go where you can Grow!" After college Cyp was blessed to play for USL and MLS teams across the country.  In 2012 he won the US Open Cup.

Cyprian is now pursuing his passion for teaching and training players on their defensive game. As a coach he realized many of the camps, clinics and even practices young players were participating in never catered solely towards their defensive skills.

Last Line Defense Academy was created to meet that need in every players game. Coach Cyp is excited to partner with families, players, teams, and clubs to work specifically on defense.

Cyp hosts small groups, camps, and 1-on-1 training regularly and is happy to partner with players, teams, and clubs. Contact Cyp with any questions or to reserve your spot at his next event.

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